Duty Of Son and Daughter

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Inequality is a factor that has merged into our daily lives as a way to construct every man and woman’s life to be significantly distinct from one another. From years on the tenacious push to keep our daughters and wives under  our control has now become the gut response in our blood.  For some reason women are seemed unworthy and powerless to a point they are afraid to leave the house with the fear to be discriminated by the harsh cruelties society has to say.

In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare  is able to develop the general stereotypes towards women through Ophelia’s innocence. It starts off as soon as Ophelia falls in love with Hamlet which is portrayed as the worst aberration she had lead her self into. Both her brother and father were vigorously against this act since they couldn’t bare to see Ophelia make decisions for herself. Instantly they began to construct a method of madness to change the way Ophelia felt towards Hamlet as Polonius forced her to obey his orders for the sake of their families well being.

On the other hand was Polonius’ relationship with Laertes which he utterly valued and kept to his heart.  He tells him the most important concept to a man is to be true to yourself and do as your heart desires. ” This above all, to thine own self be true.”

Evidently the son of the family is treated remarkably different than the daughter of the house. Laertes is sent out to do what his heart desires and has the privilege to make his own decisions when Ophelia is told to sit back and obey orders as a way to protect her “identity”. Even though she does not have the power to be able to construct her own life the way she wants it to be. Polonius treats Ophelia as some property and tells her a women should bring honor and fortuneto the family since she has been taught to be seen and not heard. For how long will Polonius be able to hold Ophelia back  from her decisions till madness speaks upon her? How long will Ophelia last till she loses her mind and can’t handle the demands suffocating her by the second?

As time passes so does her patience. Ophelia is losing her mind; she sings songs, helena-bonham-carterspeaks inriddles and hands out flowers. Since Ophelia has lost all she valued in life she has merged her mental state to a point others words do not affect her presence. The emptiness of obtaining false dreams has lead Ophelia into misery and distress. Resulting from Hamlet’s betrayaltowards his love for Ophelia then in the end destroying the ideals he created for both of them.  Furthermore Polonius’s death has become the main reason to Ophelia’s madness. Even though he was the one person who had distanced her from Hamlet, he was also the one person she relied her whole life on.

Overall the main division in the play had become the two different class statues in Denmark. The poor were poor and the rich were rich. If Ophelia wasn’t kept back from Hamlets love just because his social status was much higher than hers, maybe none of this recurring madnesswould have happen in the first place.

Today I experienced something I haven’t been exposed to often in my life. We were driving by a busy market where I happen to notice an elderly man standing in the middle of the road.         ” What is he doing”? Trying to cross the road? Well in reality it happen to be that he was income-inequalityasking for money. Instantly my heart stopped beating, my lungs were gasping for air and my eyes in pain as I searched the car for money. Making eye contact he made his way over to the car window. Leaning my hand out and into his hat my body filled with pain. I couldn’t believe the fact that there are individuals like him in my very own city. For a second I felt like the world around me stopped. As a smiled scrambled onto his face; he spoke three soft words “God bless you”. The whole ride back home I couldn’t bare to stop thinking about this man. What will he buy for such little money? Several questions triggering my thoughts as only if I had more money with me to give him. Feeling guilty as always since I had just spent so much money on my wants that I could have spent towards helping one in need.

Taking inconsideration the Shakespearean era till this day the man of our families are seemed to have more power and authority over us. In other cases we treat men and women equally, but there is always that tiny spark of hope that every women has for a man close to their hearts. Thus the role of a women always leads to be under a man’s authority; however, today’s painful experience  with this elderly man has exposed me to a whole new perspective of the stereotypical society we live in. It has made me realize that fate is not what gets us to where we stand today, but it’s the actions we must take in order to reach the level of success we deserve for ourselves.  No matter who you are, where you come from, poor or rich we all are equal in fulfilling the duty of a son or daughter with courage to restore failures. Today was a day for me to experience that a daughter is not one that only cares for her family, but also one who strives for equality and to diminish pain for every individual she meets. From Ophelia’s innocent character to mine it shows that we women have not changed, but learnt the importance of having a voice, being treated equally and maintaining hope.   




The Truth Unspoken


As the clock ticks and the calender flips we get older, wiser and establish a way to distance from our responsibilities.  From the day we are born we are raised to become powerful individuals in our own unique ways by the blessings given by our parents. Parents have several obligations to teach us how to walk, allow our mind to learn the meaning of speech, trust and the sense of belonging to a certain group of individuals. The older we get the more demands we have for our parents to fulfill. Not knowing the truth of where we stand in society we ask for things that might not be in our capacity.  At the age of six we want the latest toys. At the age of seven we want to go to the toy store everyday and spend hundreds of dollars. At the age of eight  we want the latest video games. At nine we need our own music devices. At ten we need our first computer and so one. We as children cry, bang our heads into the walls and stomp our feet till we get what we want humiliating our parents to a point they have no choice but to get the gifts that put a smile on our face. Weather that means saving money, working two jobs just to be able to hold together the families needs and wants. Some parents get so lost in what makes their child delighted that they forget to treat themselves to the same extent and do the things they loved to do. However what exactly is the result of all this? When there child gets older will they remember all the hardships their parents went through in order for them to have gotten this far in life? Will the favor be returned after all these year?

Lately I have come across a significantly melancholy story of a father son relationship that has left me stumbled with questions.

89995-My-Hardships-Are-Nothing-Against-The-Hardships-That-My-Father-Went-ThoughAs every other parent his father was also a genuine caring individual who had raised his son to become a man of wisdom that could stand on his own two feet and be someone others looked up to for inspiration. This child’s mother had passed away quite early in their life time; however, the father didn’t allow his son to sense emptiness in his life as he had become a mother for him to lean his shoulder on and a father to shape his beliefs and morals of a good man. Later on in their lives they came across a time when the father became really sick and unhealthy to care for himself. He use to just sit down in a dark room praying to see improved day while his son went out with his friends and use to come back home late at night. Living in pain everyday lead the dad into depression of what he had done wrong in his upbringings. One night the father was having a hard time to breath as he wakes up his son to take him to the hospital; instead, his son was feed up with all this nonsense and angry at the fact he woke him up when he was tired and trying to get some sleep. The next morning he leads his dying father to the car, as the drive to an unknown destination to  tell  his father to get out and start caring for himself because he is now a burden on his life.

How does a child have the gut response to act in such cruelty? Why doesn’t today’s generations understand the importance of carrying for the people who have carried for them all their lives.Sending  our parents away  into a senior home or anywhere else and  not going to visit them is an act of rebellion and a way to break apart a family who once use to be the power for each other. When our parents ask for something brief with no cost we simply say no and tell them we can’t afford to miss valuable days to come sit down with you and have a useless  heart to heart conversation that means nothing for us anymore. What some children do to their parents is the one thing that makes me wonder what reasons lead them to distance  from there only responsibilities as an adult.  Overall, sitting here under my parents roof makes me wonder of all these incidents that have happen in society. It hurts me to hear so many lives left to devastate. I can assure more than 50% of today’s generation are not willing to accept where they stand has some connections to how their parents have raised them. If we children are mean’t to do something positive for our parents is basically to  return the favor of our memorable childhood back which is the least we can do.

Personally I have been raised up while having my grandparents around to care for me, take me to the park and be a friend that I could tell anything to. I am the one person who has been loved by several and will not turn my face around when I feel the need it is my turn to return all the blessings I have been given.  My great grandpa was and  still is a symbol of our families love. He was a survivor of today’s selfish generation; a man of knowledge, trust and passion to learn had become the reason why his children reflected his mirror image. The elder he became did not give him the privileges to avoid  his obligations, but continued doing the same for his grandchildren by leading them into an appropriate  path.

1005-WP-Blessings-SXCHe had authorized such a tenacious relationship with all of us that bonded each family member together for years on till this day. He had evolved into the one individual all went to for advice since he had seen so much of the world’s innocence and impurity. Now not just his grandchildren were the ones to have an inspirational role model to look up to, but also his great grandchildren who he’s tough how hard one must work to cultivate success that they want to achieve for themselves. I still remember the days when I use to watch movies while he sat on the other sofa reading the newspaper, letters, important documents as he had the utter most passion for. The knowledge he valued remarkably influenced the lessons he had gave to all of us. As he looks up to me, curiously asks a question that grasps my attention I  search  for an answer to his  mystifying question, and yet he says no that’s inaccurate my aunt had also responded but we were still struggling for the right answer.  He sits there mocking us of how were unable to article an answer for his ambiguous question. We all sat there in silence as I was  still in the process of clarifying his question. As new thoughts provoked my mind  I described them to him and  he laughs as a way to say you finally got it. He was the most knowledgeable individual I have ever gotten to know throughout my life. Till the age of 102 he kept his mind active by constantly asking questions and wondering the reasons to live that brought him this far. Being the most significant person in our lives we celebrated his 100th birthday  where all our family members from around the world came to join and celebrate this big day. Imperceptibly after that he started to weaken, unable to walk and care for himself. The pain of seeing him suffer hurt each and every one of us since his pain was our pain. Outsiders use to come visit and tell our family to send him to a senior home. These words wrapped around our ears as we blocked out all negativity with the same reason of,  if all our lives he took care of us why wouldn’t we do the same. As his heart started to become weak the treatment began and a nurse would come in everyday to check up on him and make sure everything was going well. My great grandpa had so many individuals to care for him that there was always at least two others who stayed back home with him no matter what. The love and care he received was enormously respectful as other families always appreciated our efforts. Buying him a proper bed, chairs, stands to walk with and so much more to make his life easier was the ultimate response when a minor complication occurred in his health. Unfortunately that’s how it was for the next four years of his life as he happen to pass away last year  at the age of 104 leaving his legacy behind for the rest of us to sustain and keep it alive. He consistently thought optimistically and always persevered through the toughest times. Even at God’s doorsteps he had kept encouraging others that your base should be strong and continually be honest to your own opinion and beliefs. The beliefs and rules he has created for us to live by have been passed on from generation to generation and will continue to strengthen as we keep his spark alive while making life decision.

A quote by  my great grandpa: ” Man is an architect of his own fate, he can make it or mar it.”

 “All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.”- Pope Paul VI 



Violence against Women


Recently I had come across two different stories of rape in New Delhi. Both of a tremendously excruciating story to take in and accept what has happen along with how change will be brought to the country. One of which had happen back in 2012 of a medical student raped on the bus because she was out of the house past 8:30 p.m and the other utterly recent of a 71 year old Nun raped by a gang while attempting robbery at a local Christian school. It is agonizing to the human eye to consider how in today’s generation they’re individuals who have the audacity to gaze at another women remarkably in disrespect. Now the questions is haven’t we all come infinitely far in life that every individual is treated equally nowadays with no discrimination to behold? Women have as many rights and responsibilities as men thus should not fearto walk the streets with their heads in the game while being proud of who they have become.

Equality is the foundation of our generation where nothing can stop a women from going to school, having a job, participating in society, and to do whatever else their hearts desire. Well, I’m starting to assume not every country around the globe live under these idealistic beliefs. Developing countries like India are still living in the past and are unable to see the independence they’re taking away from a women’s capability to thrive into a knowledgeable individual.  Majority of the population of the world is silently sitting here observing the “good nature” of society where in another corner of the world is a women overpowered by her husband. A women not able to get the job she desires or allowed to wear the clothes she wants frankly by considering her gender.World-Report-2010-India

The rape that have been implemented on women has changed the way she may portray herself in society. When fighting back or speaking up they’re  hopes and dreams are utterly crushed as they are told that their actions aren’t “women like features”.  What does all this mean? A women is protecting herself from danger, trying to do what her hearts possess ,and you are the one to tell her to stop trying? These men precisely have no right to cover a women in their loathsome obligations. When a man determines to behave in such a crucial way they need to consider the fact that this women is a daughter, sister, mother and friend to someone in need. If this was to happen to a women in your family would you act the same way? What will it take for men to straighten their lives and see that they’re not the only ones who have potential in their hands. Every women in today’s generation is equally powerful, inspirational, trustworthy and loyal to their actions.


Now not every man is apart of this decisive act._73377287_017715458-1 The ones who contemplate the annihilating impact leading onto the younger generation are the tenacious individuals who recognize the significance to stop this thus doing everything they can to raise awareness. The more support they receive generates a sophisticated voice causing the few inhumane man left to comprehend what they have done has no apology out.

Currently I have come across many cases in which individuals don’t stand up for themselves and their rights. Reading books, watching movies or breaking news flooding social media with notifications of rape,kidnapping, crime and many more have become the daily lifestyle for several.

Night, a memoir I recently read made me recognize that till this day the destruction of human beings or the good human nature is deliberately  integrating into our lives. It may not be a holocaust of mass destruction, but a women losing its own identity and forced to live in a society constructing her ability to explore options around her is as equal to a holocaust. Its easy to hear, learn and read about such tragic events and think how could someone do such a thing; however, the ones who have walked through the time period are the only ones to genuinely judge what they have been through. People in today’s generation have taken themselves remarkably far from events comparable to this that even when we try understanding situations from other perspectives we still do not have the strength to by pass the barrier of safety in our lives.

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.“- Elie Wiesel 




The Critic of my work

Part D: Me, the critic of my work.

Emulation Writing:

Love. Build relationships. Then watch them leave in an instant.Peaceful Death was a blog post that came from Emulation writing after writers seminar presentations done by classmates. The title simply came from what I wrote. Writing a title is one of the last things I do and  this one happen to fix my message perfectly. The inspiration for this blog was me having already seen an instant death sucking up my last breaths and leaving me with hundreds of questions replaying over and over in my head. Being able to understand that an instant may mean numerous different things to individuals.  I could instantaneously relate of how fast  unexpected circumstance can be thrown at you. This blog was a way for my pain to escape through every word I wrote. Its about a women who never shared her pain with other. It was not her time to leave but she still saw the need to go and leave the ball of stress behind. The purpose of this piece of writing was for me to reflect why she had to leave so suddenly. The reasons of how it all came down for me to be woken up to a news that almost ended my life. As others read this text I believe they will at one point relate. I won’t call it a masterpiece which limits the audience to only my creative writing class. The one and only John Green and his novel “Looking for Alaska” was the influence for me to write such a piece. This book had several insightful messages and the one I emulated was by far my favorite. I used a lot of John Greens style in this piece of writing and integrated my own thoughts into it as I found sparks of inspiration. I did get real excited and started rambling all the thought I had playing games with my mind but slowly managed to get them on paper.By sharing a few lines with fellow classmates there feedback was to put it up on my blog and that’s what I ended up doing. This is the first time I experienced the benefits of emulation writing and it has showed me a whole new perspective of growth opportunities that I will continue using even if future teachers don’t bring this up.


Free Choice:

The piece of writing that I’m most proud of is my Free choice called Water symbolism. This is the piece of writing I wrote when my teacher took us out for a river visit. Relief running through my veins as I left the campus and let my brain sink into its shell and forget everything for the afternoon. I was able to write from my heart all about where I stand today. Being able to let my ideas constricting my ability to think outside the box escape to its comfort place.  Having to visualize the real world then getting the chance to reflect had become very evident throughout this text. Yet this was my very first blog post and I was all new to this environment. Never thought the need to make an interesting title so through up what exactly my blog was about. Know I feel the need to go back and changing it. When classmates read this post they can easily relate since the purpose of the post was all about the struggle of being a grade 12 student. Having so many life decisions to make and so little time the pressure continues to cultivate. We all know where on the same boat . Its easy to sink and extremely difficult to get yourself back on track. This post has become a way for me to connect with other students. The style of this piece is similar to most of my other writing pieces. I just write whatever comes to mind and hope for it to make sense. After revising my writing a couple of time I start to see a voice being heard.


Short Story:

Unsolved Thriller  a short story that frightened me to write. Its really hard for me to make something up and be able to connect to it when I never can relate. If we weren’t given planning time I would have never come up with what I wrote. All the outlines that I completed got me in the mode of fantasy where I was able to plan out a mystery for readers to solve. This short story was truly inspired by TV shows I have recently seen with a lot of suspense and unsolved cases that makes the reader want to continue to read and figure out what actually is happening. My short story is about a young girl who looses her self in her ambitious desire to get what she wants when she wants it by making several mistakes that will never be hidden forever. The purpose of this writing excerpt was to find my writing identity. Being able to explore my style when it comes to fantasy based content. It was interesting to see what I had visioned to write about and what I got out of it. I’ve realized that the story I had in mind sounds so much better by the time I start writing since its so difficult to get my ideas on paper. Its hard to start but once I’m in the trap I won’t finish till I get the best out of it. I could have made this post better by choosing a topic I could relate more to , but it was nice to see a whole new perspective and vision in my writing style that I usually run away from.


Poetry? I hate it! It has never been my interest. So difficult to understand what the author is really trying to say especially if its by authors like Shakespeare. Why can’t the author tell me straight forward what they are trying to say. Why waste my time going in circles trying to figure out for myself? Well I guess that’s the whole point of creativity. What’s the point of writing without leading readers into a journey for them to make connection of there own. I have finally realized the brutal truths behind poets and why they write what they do. Sitting back and listening to my teacher read poems that made me go wow has become the start of the journey. I don’t remember the last time I wrote a poem and after having to write one this semester was a bit challenging but came together as my creativity flowed. The original inspiration to write this poem came from time and how we individuals are always running after it. As I continued to write it turned into a piece all about school. Since we children dedicate our lives to education from the time were learn to walk all the way till we get the job of our dream. Time is wasted at school, work or where ever it might be. Time is our weakness  was a poem for me to recognize my poetic style and structure I’m most comfortable with for future writs. I have for sure learned my mistakes and am ready to be able to construct a new piece with less fear.

All in all my writing identity, style and structure has changed in the past few months as I learned new techniques to apply in my writing. The journey has just began and I’m ready to take forward all the concepts I have come across thus far.



Writing Identity


Part A: Me, the Writer

Escape the world by writing powerfully. Throughout this creative writing course I have learned a lot that I never was aware of before. I have took the opportunity to learn concepts that I will use towards my growth in English 30-1

My writing identity has changed and developed in the past few years. Before I use to stick to one outline that I must follow and by force merge it into my writing without even realizing it’s uselessness. But creative writing has changed it all. Doing  emulation writing has helped me construct a different understanding of a writers structure and descriptive content in a way I never saw it before. Which has allowed me to find  my own inspiration in their writing. It has sincerely altered  the way my pencil approaches the paper. I look for new ways to get my voice out to readers. A new beginning , middle and end. Starting a piece of writing is usually the most difficult part since there is so much to talk about but clueless of where and how to start. After getting the chance to take this class I consistently search for new ways to get my ideas and information across. To improve this area of growth was the idea of using six word stories as a hook. I feel as if its a powerful way to drag readers in. Its a smooth way to connect to a good story.  This way my first sentence will grab the readers attention and I’ll also be finishing off with another six word story in order to leave readers thinking.  This will become a strong way for me to strengthen my sentences throughout my writing.

I still have a lot  of holes to cover up  but a step at a time is a way all my weaknesses will improve. Me trying to improve all at once will not get my to far. When I write it sounds tremendously fascinating in my mind, but when I start writing my brains just throwing ideas out onto paper. Make it lengthy and no grammar mistakes! With absolutely no flow or focus. One idea from another. Hours of revision and yet so much to improve on. Seeking inspiration and eventually I to will become a writer of my own is what gets me on back on track.

What inspires my writing is having the chance to reflect on powerful writers or seeing something that makes me go “ohh, that’s very insightful”. This inspiration can come from music, ted talks, videos or real life event and much more. I encourage other to do the same. Look for what inspires you the most and write about that which is the only way you’ll become a better writer. Always read. Without reading daily your writing will not improve. The more reading one does the better the quality of your writing will get. Take advantage of the beauty of this class and learn to inspire yourself and become a writer of wise words.


Part B: Me, the Blogger

Creating my very own blog was very exciting at the beginning  till I realized the brutal truth of actually having to post pieces of my writing. Terrified? I guess you can say that. Writing has never been my Favorite. I’m not good at it so I shouldn’t write. Wouldn’t you be surprising to hear that I don’t mind it as much as before. I feel more confident than ever before when writing. Having to take this class forced me to write blogs throughout the semester. Which is great to keep my creative juices flowing in time for English 30-1. If I haven’t taken this class I would have been much more nervous walking into a diploma course not being prepared for it at all. I have found new inspiration thought blogging because I been able to read other powerful bloggers and compare and contrast there writing to mine. Most of the time I am very confident in what I write but do know there is a lot to improve on because my writing is not near perfection . Getting insightful feedback on what I  write allows me to understand what I have to do next time in order to reach a higher level of success. Throughout my blog posts you will notice a range of different topics that I began to write about. Short stories, reviews, numerous of emulated writing pieces and even a poem. I still want to write things that I haven’t got the chance to yet.  I know this was my only opportunity to write whats on my mind with no exam question restricting my mind to what I can and can not talk about. I’d love to continue and write on this blog if I get the chance to sit down and reflect but that will not always be the case. I know I will get to caught up in other courses that there will not be time to think anything else. If I were a writer from the beginning I would have continued to blog but knowing me that will become very difficult in the future. There are still much more writers in this class who have showed me whole  new perspective to writing. The bloggers that I will  continue to follow are Lock&kiez and Iron-Ore (a blogger from last year) that are brilliant at what they write. Dara’s a great poet that amazes me because the way she expresses herself through her writing has allowed me to understand her in a whole new way. I love the way she leaves me thinking each time I hear her read pieces of her writing I always will look forward in seeing her grow even more. When I started reading blog post by Ore I was blown away. There is no words to describe what I feel while I read her blogs. Absolutely heart touching. I am surprised to see her continue to write till this day. I recommend other to look into both these outstanding writers since they have left me speechless and may do the same for you.

Part C: Me, the Student

Creative writing was a class to walk in and feel the stress running away from my body. It was a great relaxation class that wouldn’t have been the same without my teacher. She’s a women who brought life to this class with her jokes, laughs and smiles. She had a whole new approach in teaching her students that I have never experienced before.  The greatest “Aha” moment I been through this semester was going to the river. This was one of the best parts of my day. I loved to go there and have the time to escape the four walls that surround me during the day. Being able to sit back watch the river flow and forget about all my stress  allowed me to express myself throughout my writing. My very first blog post was a river reflections and yet one of my best pieces of writing. Going to the river truly did let my inner self come out and shine on the rocks that laid in front of me while I wrote.

Another Aha moment I had was while watching a Ted Talk done by Sarah Kay, she was one to leave me speechless. Her passion and ambition I could see in her eyes glued to me to her presence. The most inspirational women I yet saw in my life. That day I went home and watched several other ted talks that had astonished me. I have no words to describe the creativity in these speakers. In my inspirational page you will find a list of other speakers who I enjoyed to sit back and be inspired by. Don’t get me wrong but boy I had a great experience from the start to finish in this class.

Now I’m not a person who likes to read in her spare time. I usually avoid it unless its something I have to do for an English class. I never see myself picking up a book cause its just not my thing. But over this semester I have read things I didn’t like and put away while I was half way through. Tired several different books but nothing my type. Just a few weeks ago I picked up the book “Night”, by Elie Wisel. I am half way through already and in love with it. I know I’ll finish it because I look forward to my free time when I can sit down and read. Knowing this I have found my reading identity. I like books that I can see everything happening in front of me. A sad story that touches my heart and makes me want to continue to read. I plan on reading Thousand Splendid Sons as soon as I finish Night. My accomplishments as a writer will continue to flourish as I learn new ways to get my ideas and thoughts on paper. I have wrote a lot more then ever before in this semester. I usually never write more than essays for my English class. Creative writing has allowed me to see myself in a way I never wrote like before. I plan on writing more reviews, reflections and a non-fiction piece when I get the change.


Time is our weakness.

Every hour
Every week.
Every month.
Every second of every year.
The clock runs. Faster and faster after me .
Grabbing me by the arm to hold me down. Unable to escape and be set free.
At the age of 17, we celebrate how far we have come in life.
And yet we are still permitted to do what we want.
As another year goes by, we children are now adults.
Just last year we were held by the hand and lead into the “right” path.
Teachers demanding to listen to them and do exactly what they say in order to be successful.
When they don’t realize that no ones going to be advising us what and what not to do in the future.
Taught material that we will never need to remember once were gone. Forced to memorize all this unnecessary content for the tests that determine our future. We do the best we can but still told to try harder. Sleepless nights spent studying. Long stressful days. When will it all come to an end.
As times comes closer and closer to graduation our grip loosens as we let go of a twelve year journey, off to start our very first painting in the real world.
As the bars disappear I’m realizing the truths I’ve ignored. The freedom is so close but yet still surrounding me everywhere.
Excitement. Happiness. Fear.
Tingling throughout my body. As I look back to the teachers waving good-bye.
Our journey was only to this day.
They say,  We have taught you all the basic elements you’ll ever need to be the person you want to be.
And now its your turn to complete the mission by taking these pieces and putting them together to make your own destiny.

Writers Seminar


For my writers seminar I decided to study Shakespeare and teach his importance to the class. Shakespeare Writing style can be very difficult to interpret and understand at times since his plays are written in blank verse and sonnets are in iambic pentameter with ten syllables per line. The more work a person puts into learning more about his texts the easier they become to understand.  Shakespeare has influenced my writing by adding a twist around a series of unsolved mysteries and not answering everything readers are looking for. This builds a lot of tension between characters and readers trying to figure out what actually happen and who hates who. Having numerous things going on at once is what drags readers attention and makes them what to sit down and analyze in depth of what they are reading.

In school we have all studied a number of Shakespeare’s writing since middle school. Every year its  a new text that we cover. In English 30-1 we will be looking at Hamlet  which I believe will be very similar to all other Shakespeare texts. A lot of murders will happen to seek painful revenge all for ones personal ambition and greed. Individuals blinded by the the truth and unable to accept what happens and move on. This is a common outline that Shakespeare uses in his writing.

Shakespeare is a significant writer till this day since a lot of other writers take the opportunity to learn from what he’s done in the past also writers today continue to search for there own inspiration in his work which helps them become better writers of there own.

After several Writers seminars presentations I have realized a number of different writers who enjoy the idea of confusing readers by laying out several unsolved thrillers for the audience to try figuring out what is happening.

I have learned Shakespeare main message to readers is to write what you believe  and what matters the most. Make your points short and concise as possible. Find the right words that fit your writing. Don’t try to merge thoughts that aren’t meant to be in your writing because they may be useless which will make your writing weaker. Write from your heart and never stick with a path of how you must write every time. Learn to explore new pathways which eventually will be the only way your writing will get stronger by the day.

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Mindblowing William Shakespeare Quotes

Symbolism Journey


As I wake up from a deep story sleep I find myself lost in a forest with no clue where to go. Pine trees dominating the sky as I search for the sun. As the clouds rush in the drizzling rain soaking dirt off of my bare skin. No where to go. Grabbing my belongings and heading south to the nearest tree. Ripping off  leafs to gulp down the rain water which moistens the walls of my dry mouth. Where do I go now? Glancing to the right and viewing a muddy pathway leading to an abandon road. My legs aching of pain. I don’t remember how I got here. Asking myself where was I last? My head spinning as if it was all a dream feeling dizzy as no answers come to mind.

I continue to walk and approach a log blocking my way. Lifting one leg up to cross and continue to the end of the pathway. This forest doesn’t seem to be as quiet and abandon as it seems to be. What if there’s wild life that I’m not aware of. Grabbing a bat shaped branch on the ground for protection and safety I spot a shinny silver key poking out of the soil. As I lift it up I gently wipe away the soil and dust off of it. Looks as if it belongs to a really rich person. Not an ordinary looking key.  No ones in this forest except me, whose could it be? I will keep it with me until I figure out where it goes and who it possible could belong to.

I continue to walk uphill and notice trees begin to level down. Not as high as they were from where I started. I could spot a blue shadow peeking through the tree branches onto my left. I walk through pushing the branches aside and come across light waves of water smoothly flowing down a river. I run down to the river and gulp down as much water as I could. Splashing water on my face and feeling relaxed. I sit back on the edge of the shore losing myself in my thoughts with the flow of soothing water. Thoughts upon thoughts rumbling over and over like a roller coaster spinning in circles and smashing into a wall. Having no access to the outside world, how will I ever get out of here. A light shadow appears in the water in front of me. I turn back and see nothing there. Looking down and notice some type of metal object buried beneath. Bending over to slightly pull it out. “Its a cup!” A round gold metal cup with initials S.J carved into the steal. This must have some connection to the key i found earlier. I shall keep it with me.  “I need to start heading up the river before it gets to dark”. Making my way up I was on flat ground! God just sent an angle to help my poor soul. Inhaling in and out. Taking in all the fresh clean air. Squinting my eyes, “Is that a building up ahead?” A huge box sketched building with 50 set of stairs to the two red main doors with golden handles which had design carved into it. What could be inside? No one around me, might as well enter and find out for myself. With all my force I open the 20 feet tall doors steeping one foot in and giving a quick skim. Shinny floors sparkling my eyes they were  brownish gold color. Portraits of old people with curly hair hung on the brown painted walls with white and black frames. Huge long hallways extending in all directions. Large vase of flowers filling the empty corners. Light gentle steps I take to not loss my grip off of the shinny sparkling titles and fall. I move the curtains from a window to view a huge statue laying on the ground with a crown framing the head and a beautiful blue butterfly flies around . This is perfect. A new home for me to live in.

Siberian pine trees



Element Writing- The Earth


What exactly is earth? A planet that life has taken over of? Where did “life” come from? Why is there life just on Earth and no other planet in our solar system? These questions have been left unanswered for decades. If only we could go back in time and find answers to these questions ourselves. As years go by people change, things are learnt and tough to others. We experience things that others had no explosion to in the past.  As we stand on the bare ground thinking what is beneath us one may grab a shovel and start digging to a point they have no indication to when they will hit rock bottom. All we want is to examine the earth we call home and see were everything came from. Earth is our home. It has tough us our rights and wrongs. Without earth we are absolutely nothing. We rely on earth that gives us life,prosperity,food,water and the ability to chase our dreams. With earth we are everything. Even though earth throws obstacles in front of us to conquer we fight to the end till were satisfied. Life can be washed away by hurricanestornadoes , earthquakes etc but the earth itself is left untouched. Nothing can possibly harm our world. What power does this planet have to hold itself in place? We take good care for our earth and the earth  plays its role back. Providing us with our necessities of life is the only reason there is life on this earth. If earth didn’t do its part and we humans didn’t do our role there would have never been life on earth. We would not be standing here today and looking past to where life began and why it all began. We all say its the power of god and yet don’t realize that god was once born to. We humans will never learn the reason to where it all began. We have come to far in our life that its  impossible to turn back and analyze the past. What is beyond our earth? Could there be another world that life takes place on? Maybe we just don’t know or never will find out. 




Metaphor of Me


 I am a tree planted into the ground. My roots take my knowledge deep down to the soil beneath the earth.  My branches continue to grow in different directions grasping more of the air around me as they extend to capture goals I been seeking to fulfill. Throughout these past twelve years of my life I been standing in the same position grabbing things to learn from and take to stash away in my memory. This allowed me to flourish and develop in numerous contrasting ways throughout the seasons. High School has become the trunk of my tree where I learn to build off of others opinions and make them my own. In a couple months I will be grown out of my tree and set free to leave and find a new me. The life ahead leads into thousands of pathways for me to choose from. As if I’m standing in the wilderness in front of my own tree and seeing the branches dominating the sky in every direction. You don’t know where to start or where to go. Lost in a world were you must make your own decisions. My mind scrambles to search for answers like deep blue water hitting a wall over and over. Thoughts upon thoughts. Reaching higher and higher but unable to grasp the air above. Thinking of my future life as my second tree.  Reminding myself to start small in a comfortable cozy place and let my faith take me up on a roller coaster to a place I deserve to be.

I am water rushing down a beautiful waterfall with no idea to where I will end up. Nothing can stop me from moving on. I can be calm and soothing for most of it but at times I will burst into flames and let my anger pour into the water and take control of my thoughts and allow me to destroy everything around me. You can see right through me. My pain, anger, happiness and all my emotions visible with just one glance. One will believe a storm rushing in or a peaceful relaxing day by peeking at the way I behave. As days go by the gloomy sky remains. No answer to when things will return  to the way they use to be. But give me some time and I too will settle down and continue to flow smoothly as once I did before.